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Thanks for visiting. I’m Corinne, a science reporter for The Los Angeles Times. Prior to this role, I reported on behavior, aging, science, health, and technology for the New York Times, The New Yorker, Time Magazine, and elsewhere.


In my work I try to understand why humans do the things we do, and how people make sense of their own stories over the course of a lifetime. It’s a thread that has led to fascinating people who have generously shared their time and insights, from aging paramilitaries in Northern Ireland to Vegas mall workers brokering peace in a divided America. I’m also curious about the people reimagining the ways we live, die, work, and raise our families, and how worn cultural norms and narratives can be replaced with ones that work better for everyone.


I got my start covering snipers, prostitution, and planning board meetings at The Gazette, a chain of weekly local newspapers owned by the Washington Post Company. I have since been a senior reporter at Quartz, a senior correspondent at GlobalPost (now PRI) and a reporter and editor at the much-missed Cambodia Daily newspaper. 


After 17 years, eight cities, three countries, and more moving boxes than I could ever hope to count, I live now in southern California with my family, just 20 miles or so up the road from where I grew up.

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