The robot that could change the senior care industry 

A robot and a team of Irish scientists walk into a nursing home. The rest is in this October 2019 Time cover story.

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Robots will probably help care for you when you're old 

When cognition starts to decline with age, what's the most ethical way to integrate robots and reality?

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Inside the highly experimental, loosely regulated world of for-profit body donation

Months before Reuters, I tracked the shady world of for-profit tissue donation—starting at a very unusual place.

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I let Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson run my life for a week

Unpacking the secrets of the man shoving us all a little closer to greatness. See what the Rock said about this story here.

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To actually have a successful marriage with two careers, rethink everything you’re doing now

Navigating a dual-career marriage can sometimes feel like a zero-sum game. Can we do better?

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The highly profitable, deeply adorable, and emotionally fraught world of Instagram’s famous animals

A look at the complicated relationships between famous pets and the humans who love them.

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MeToo hijacked black women’s work on race and gender equality

When the experiences of victims who are white, wealthy, and privileged are prioritized over those who are not.

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Everything about this ridiculous “CNN Nutrition” ad is a lie

One of two pieces dissecting an absurd—and dangerous—viral scam.

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A stressed, sleep-deprived couple accidentally invented the modern alien abduction phenomenon

Their experience birthed a genre, and says a lot about why we believe what we do.

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Queen Elizabeth II owns all of the UK’s swans. And every year, she counts them

A mad, mad ride with the crown’s official swan census.

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Welcome to the new midlife crisis 

Taffy Brodesser-Akner said she wished she'd read this piece on midlife before writing Fleishman Is In Trouble, and that was the happiest I've ever been on Twitter.

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How AI changed organ donation in the US

Paired kidney exchange is one of AI's greatest success stories—and a perfect example of its limits. 

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Why everyone around the world is having the same nightmare

This story explores the science of sleep paralysis—and the fascinating reasons why the same nightmarish figures appear in dreams around the globe.

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Selling US-themed souvenirs used to be straightforward. Then Trump got elected

How a humble gift shop chain ended up on the frontlines of a culture war.

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The psychology behind why couples always fight when assembling Ikea furniture

On a good day, we avoid blame and take the enlightened view. An Ikea day is another story.

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This man used to hunt Belfast Catholics with a .357 Magnum. Here’s his story

A former paramilitary grapples with age, regret, and redemption. Part of my series When Terror Gets Old.

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The class dynamics of breastfeeding in the United States of America

The most socially desirable form of infant nutrition has always been whichever is harder for poor parents to access.

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Ice, ice melting

A report from Greenland, where climate change is already changing the landscape and people's lives. 

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Before there was Bic for Her, there was the Oscar Mayer ham can for women

What a curious piece of cannery teaches us about gender, politics, and consumerism.

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“Game of Thrones,” one of the most expensive shows ever made, used cheap Ikea rugs as capes

I broke this story, and now Ikea publishes directions for rug costumes. Don’t say my journalism doesn’t change the world.

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